Thursday, 25 June 2009

Mapwow still exists!! Hoorah

WoW - I found out last night that veteran WoW map site, aptly named is alive and well and has the map of Northrend on it - w00t! A complete set, Northrend, Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, and Outland.

This takes me back to my earliest memories of WoW, when I only had Gatherer, and a pick and a dream (The same dream all other miners had, that being 'Fill your immense and will-never-need-replacing 14 slots bags with ore')

I would peruse the wonderful map on mapwow and select the next area to pillage in my search for engineering excellence. Then Wrath came out, and I discovered Carbonite, then they rendered my subscription obsolete and I used the full carbonite addon's minimap (Which is great BTW)

However, due to wanting to print a giant wall mounted map of Azeroth, I stumbled across mapwow once again, and Hoorah, they have a new section, with a new map. It's still brilliant!! I highly endorse mapwow (Apart from the goldfarmer adverts, ofc)

Talking of endorsements, I'd like to thank the ZAM wow websites (Thottbot & Wowhead) and (Formerly cheers guys and girls, keep it up.

BTW, Team Bubblehearth Inc. on Moonglade EU are recruiting, I'm informed by a reliable source. They're looking for officers and class leaders, and lots of druids/ pallies/ shammies.

IRL - The lawyers to the people we're buying the house from have been SO busy hurrying us along that they forgot their search was about to expire. So after being chivvied along by the rest of the chain, we're ready first. However, there is good news, the hapless legal team one step up the chain from us have managed to get an indemnity signed and we should exchange contracts any day. It'll be nice to get a whole night's sleep. This whole fiasco has caused sleep loss, back ache, headaches, the works. My poor boy is teething, the Mrs and I are stressed due to the house, and I'm knackered due to overtime. My boss has been brilliant and given me a shedload of opportunities to make some extra money. Cheers chief :) However, I could use a day off soon.

How do you have an actual day off if you have a girlfriend and a child? I suppose I could take two days off, send the Mrs and Junior away for the day, then Junior and I have the next day letting the Mrs have a well earned rest. Is that fair?

It does mean we'd get the evenings and mornings together, which would be refreshing as opposed to our current setup - I run around like a loon getting ready for work, she makes my lunch, I go. :(

Work is going well, but still afraid of the axeman. In these hard times, no one is indispensible.

Advice to all, keep your head down.

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  1. Glad to hear mapwow has been useful for you! We need to get around to updating the herb/ore/etc for WotLK.

    Best of luck with the house and hope you get some time to relax.