Thursday, 17 March 2011

Long time no see

Hey, sorry I've been quiet of late, my life has been mental since last I posted. We've had baby scares, lack of sleep, job changes, bank account fun and games, accountancy fun and games, the list goes on.

At the end of May I stopped working for my previous company. Apart from some very nice people in the company, there was not a lot of love lost there, on both sides I'm sure. I kept doing the same job, but as a contractor. More money, but more paperwork, and liaising with other people. So far so good, but the nth level of paperwork has not been achieved yet. Expenses and fun stuff like that haven't been factored in yet. So a tense but interesting, and far more lucrative path thus far. More to follow apart from my first trip (1) on Eurostar (2) away, for a whole weekend, from my loving family since my son was born and (3) to Brussels. All a bit odd, damn hard work and long hours expected, but should be a good laugh as we're going out there with the whole London IT team from my company and meeting the local and Dutch teams.

Baby scare! Charlie was advised to go in for a growth scan because the baby we're expecting (We're going with Alexander if all goes well) in May was small. Turns out he's quite big, which although good, Charlie wasn't entirely thrilled at - LOL. Poor thing, she's getting to that stage where she's getting tired, and nesting hasn't kicked in yet, but I can see it's first signs. She's radiant and gorgeous at the moment, and has been her usual real trouper self throughout.

Banks and accountants! I now have three bank accounts and one accountant. Need to get that to two accounts, but one bank were so nice, but the other was insisted upon by my accountants. The latter is more useful to me (The accountants handle what I'm paid etc and save money for my taxes etc) but the former is a sister company to my private account, and they were so nice to me during the setup (I was bricking it) and since. It's a shame I have to leave them.

Levelled Gwyllt to 85, and have started the hard climb to getting him geared, but have also started levelling the professions and thus the toon levels of my Herb/Alchemist Drewydd (Boomkin Druid) to 82, my Tailor/Enchatress Jimbelle (Affliction 'Lock) to 81 and my Smith/Jewelcrafter Myfanawy (Pally Tank) to 81. However all my toons are benefitting from each other's preofessions and the lvl 78+ high ilevel gear since Cata. Although it is a bit sad that the gear I hammered my way to getting for my 80's is now so much kipple. But hey, as most people have levelled their one or two only toons to 85, the 80 replacement gear is cheap and readily available.

Gold! Lots of it. I've been mining heavily with Gwyllt and now with Nubbin to supply Myfanawy with ore, bars and gems. However most has been going out via the auction house. I've paid for flying on most of my toons, and even paid for two lots of the 280% flying, so the auctioneering has been going very well.

....and on the subject of gold, if you don't have enough, why not check out Zuggy's gold guide, link on the right :)