Monday, 31 August 2009

Gnomeregan Cake!!

So, after 3 and half decades of avoiding my demise, a fair maiden asked me that fateful question:

"What do you want on your cake?"
I was jousting at the Argent Tournament and the Gnomeregan banner was up front and centre. I have it on the back of my netbook, and I keep a special place in my heart for those little critters.

This was at about 8PM last night. The cake was iced in a dark purple and I thought no more about it. This morning, the Mrs asks me for another look at the banner. After another 3 hours (Including organising other bits for my belated birthday party) this happened--->

How. Cool. Is. That?

To my beloved, thank you for making my birthday party fantastic. Bloody love you :D xxxx

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Older? Yes. Wiser? Hmmmm.

We've got a Cherry Tree!! Mmm Cherries. The Garden's looking lovely, or at least will once we can sort the lawn out.

I'm a year older. Feeling a bit depressed about that, and getting ignored by everyone else (Outside my nearest and dearest, which is a relief)

I used to live in Walthamstow. Seeing a gaggle of my mates from there on Bank Holiday Monday - W00t! Getting an old 1U server off my best mate Darren, which'll be brilliant. Hopefully the weekend will take this bad taste out of my mouth.

It's weird, when my family all club together and are brilliant, I get maudlin that my friends and colleagues don't and/or aren't. Odd.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Blizzcon Stuff

BLizzcon has been and gone, and yet again I wasn't there. The day I can afford to go the Mrs will rightfully have something more pertinent I can afford instead. Oh well, and fair enough.

Other people have said more about Blizzcon, it's all interesting.

Here it is from my point of view:
1. I'll need to kill off at least one toon to keep my new Worgen Druid or Rogue on Moonglade. Arse.
2. Azeroth Revamp. Good, if not about time.
3. Azeroth Revamp Pt II. Arse, I need to complete al the old dungeons before then
4. Guild achievements. Brilliant, but, typical I left my old one. One to ponder as a guildless one.
5. Archeology, sounds good, but what's the new main profession?
6. I need the day off for the next expansion, and I'm getting the bloody collector's edition this time.
7. Flying mounts in Azeroth. Oh yeah (Giggidy!!)
More to follow :)

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Free at last

I have left my main guild of 2 years. I will miss them. However, they were a close-knit group of real life friends and families and naturally distrusted outsiders, some took to me, and some did not. There was a habit of staying silent when a request was made in guild chat. After a while this became actively getting blanked. I decided I'd be brave and step away from a situation that wasn't making me happy. Like a bad relationship. I actually now have. So I have 2 toons in one guild who are not so close knit and quite nice, and one toon who holds my guild/bank with 3 tabs.

Remember, it's a pass-time you play with others, if they make you unhappy, there are others out there who will, go find them instead, they'll appreciate it too. I'm going to be brave, you should too.

Hopefully, see you out there. Footloose and guildfree ;)

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

When the going gets tough....

....I need to sleep more

Typical, I pull some more overtime, and yet I want to stay up longer, and get more tired, then the overtime hits harder, rinse and repeat.

Luckily I have a good woman, I came home shattered yesterday to a smiling face, and a delicious lamb stew, mash and veg. I am lucky. Hopefully I'll remember to go to bed early and get some shuteye tonight. Hopefully.

I am an idiot, it's official. I help my guildees in Kara for a huntsman run, and forget to leave the raid, I spend 2 days nearly crying because I can't do any Argent Tourney quests. A very nice player pointed out this may be the case. Thank you :)

Worgen and Goblins, eh? I like the idea of Worgen, sounds like fun, I wonder if you can change to and fro. ALso noticed somehing about more class and race combos. Give everyone everything, saves hassle, although I liked the fact you had to weigh it all up. Pick your toon based on what they were and what that meant they could do. Less homogenised. One massive upside, more lore.

Still debating whether to get the live 'cast from Blizzcon. I want to watch, I want the pet, but do I want to combine my account with a battlenet account? It was hard enough doing anything with my account last time some Goldspammer sent me bogus account warning mails. This 'ghost man' says screw you, goldspammers.

Talking of which, so glad I installed Spamsentry, haven't had any stupid ingame whispers for days, it's been lovely.

Have fun :)

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Catch Up

Hello all, welcome back.

IRL - The big catch up
Real life has taken the fore of late, and here's why: I moved house, got operated on to help fix my less than brilliant knee and I worked from home for a couple of weeks, my nephew came back froma rugby tour of South Africa and I've spent a lot of timne working on the house. I'm now temporarily stationed in the office working of reports for some of our customers. It's been mental, hence my lack of blogging. It's also been brilliant, got lots done, both IRL and WoW.

One note: People don't give you a space on the DLR even if you're obviously painfully balanced on a crutch. To the gentleman that did, thank you, to the lady who cut me up to get the space I was hobbling towards, I hope you get a long running and irritating case of thrush. Cow.

WoW- Big couple of weeks, Blizzard stole all my fun with the Argent quests now being 'Kill 15 of those and 10 of these', not the double bubble 'kill 15 of those and counts as 10 of these too' :(

A side note to all Alliance druids - Don't choose white hair, everyone else already did.

Otherwise, Blizzard, love the update.

The working from home thing has allowed me some extra levelling time too. My priest is now 71 and once again shadow, after a moron shaman described me as the worst healer ever, and advised me not to renew my WoW subscription. Thank you from the heart of my bottom.

Another thank you - I'm a dedicated Alliance player. Blizzard, thanks for the Worgen!! Good blog entry from this guy on the subject

Anyhoo, speak again soon :)