Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Moving home is hard to do

That's right folks, we have boxes, lots of 'ems. Frikkin fahsands of them. (Actually not thousands, just seems like that) I need to start organising packing, and I'm not really feeling a lot of enthusiasm for the subject.

On a lighter note: My mage is storming up the cooking skills charts, having doen an Outland and a northrend cooking quest. Quite satisfying. Not sure what to do next, considering levelling my priest so I can make a flying carpet, also, everyone loves an Irish-comedy-theme-named holy priest.

New guild is shaping nicely, and tried to join my Mage in, but they've moved the rights to add anyone by anyone to officers of the guild only. Typically, when you need an officer, they're not about, doubly annoying as my Druid is one of them, and I can't add myself - lol

Here I am, at work, doing the late shift for a few extra quid, such is life. 3 minutes to go, then BK for fries and home.

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