Wednesday, 10 June 2009

I am....The Potion Master!!

Master of Potions!!

At last, my brilliant guild leaader and a stalwart of the guild, who I will recommend for a guild commission, took my druid to Botanica. I got the book, made the potions, and now I am a potion master!!

Next up, save for my 300 riding skill and do the Switft Flight Form quest. I heard rumblings that this was trainable if you have bought the riding skill, not sure whether to go for the full achievement and bump up my Lower City faction (Which is increasingly irrelevant as I approach 75) or just get it from the trainer. Decisions, decisions. I got my pally mount the hard way, so I might do this that way just because I like the challenge.

My thanks to my guildees, without whom this would not be possible (in spite of my previous anger at others guildees for going silent on me)

As you may also have guessed, I've finally got the hang of putting links in. And yes, I love Thottbot

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