Wednesday, 3 June 2009

"He can do the work, but he's so annoying"

I'm sat on the train on the way in to work, overhearing this shrew from an HR department talk to her underling about how to get rid of a member of staff because he's annoying, although, she admits it'll be tough as he does "a fairly good job." She instructed her HR skivvy to find anything they can get on him (On the phone, so can't be traced in paperwork, of course)

Are these people even vaguely human?

Word to the wise out there: In these tough times, watch your back! Your HR department already is, with a (metaphorical) knife in hand.

Talking of knife in hand, considering moving my rogue to another server, but he does have a one man guild complete with bank and tabs. What to do? I need to be able to focus on my chars, but I have the full compliment on Moonglade, just not sure. I definitely don't want to kill him off.

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