Friday, 25 September 2009


I certainly have, and so has Peter Gorniak. Peter, BTW, is the author of Achieved, a brilliant little Facebook app. The Brilliant bit isn't entirely that it'll publish your WoW achievements to Facebook, but that once you do the decent thing and send him (At least) 1 Canadian Dollar, the app will allow rss feed publishing. Look to the right, ta-dah! Drewydd's achievements, rss fed to Blogger. Ah, technology, how well I use what other people do with it :D

Thanks Peter, glad I paid.

Testing testing

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Back from France, with a virtual fishing pole!

Back from France! Yes, the authorities are amazed I evaded them at all the major entry points, but then, millions of others have, so I shouldn't be much of a shock really.
France was great, our first proper break since buying/ not buying/ buying/ moving house/ getting operated on/ working from home.

Pitou-Charante is quite arid, the cows and the grass are both a suedey brown. The region does have one major draw though - Pineau. This stuff is fantastic. Also, if you get a chance and are in the area, check out Aubeterre-sur-Dronne

France also had the major bonus of having my Dad's nice big iMac and the copy of WoW I installed last time. My main, Drewydd, has taken up fishing, and is progressing at a rate of noghts to a grand old 290 last night. So far I've also ground my cooking and have got that to 408, brewed Rumsey's Rum, caught Old Ironjaw, . I do wish I'd levelled them both at the same time, would make for an easier life. As my bank char, Nubbin, now has an enviable stock of fish and meat, I think I'll do both quicker on the next run, and with the Big Iron Fishing Pole, that should make life a shade easier.

Finally decided to move all my chars to my new guild, The Lions. All my chars, except Nubbin (As she's the sole member of my bank/guild Cold Storage) are now in The Lions. They're a nice bunch, and as they're from all over don't have the cliqueyness of my old guild.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Thank you, Lisa

The lovely Lisa from (Which is a brilliant site, BTW) has featured Charlie's Gnomeregan Cake on her section of the site.

Thanks, Lisa :D