Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Approval is a strange thing. I was given a small measure of approval from someone who hadn't shown me much recently. How strange it was to bask in that tiny glow as if the sunny beams of a warm summer day.

On another front, I got another sort of approval, my fiancée suggested we plan for a wedding next year. Again, a warm fuzzy feeling.

Yes, I must be pretty needy, or just emotionally exhausted.

Aproval is the name of the game there too. My Shammy, Codnor, is now 80 and grinding rep with the alliance factions, seeking their respect and approval. At the same time, our guild, the Lions, is being wound up and another guild, Chilled, put in it's place. I am finally the quartermaster. w00t!

Next stop, Jimael gets flying lessons and a mount!

Be good, if not, be careful!

Friday, 15 January 2010

2010 - Where's my flying car FFS?

Well, I've waited this long, where's my clean free power, 2TB broadband, and the flying car (Although I'd definitely settle for a flying Kawasaki)

Remember: The cake isn't so much a lie as a useful fable