Monday, 1 June 2009

Saturday, in review, and traffic

Saturday: My sort-of-brother-in-law's birthday bash.

Awful wakeup to the strains of 'Have we got everything, can you do this, where's my... etc, argue a bit because she always get nervous before a trip anywhere. Throw in no sleep and (bless her cottons) she gets fractious. Throw in my lack of sleep and pig-headedness and you've got a recipe for disaster, then of course mix in one mother in law, with opinions.

So we bundled our gorgeous little boy, my gorgeous but stressed girlfriend and my verbose mother in law into a Ford Ka and began the journey down the A12 to the M25.
So, after a hellish journey to the beautiful weald of Kent... (Traffic for the bridge was a nightmare and what pratt made that stretch of the A21 two lanes into one?) I have SO got to get another car, the Ka is weeny, great to park, but a total bastard to fill with 3 adults, 1 child and all the paraphenalia that goes with the latter. Station wagon/People carrier here we come!.. anyway back on track. I get dropped off at the quadbiking place, and proceed to have a brilliant time. 4 trips out for us all, a little canter, then a bit of bumpy ground, then the long run, then a mad dash through the woods. My SOBIL and his mates are such a nice bunch, and SOBIL didn't know there was a little party afterwards. We all troupe back to his place to see his eyes pop out when he spots that everyone's there. His Dad came down from the north, we brought his mum, My lot (His sister and nephew) his mates from college, work, neighbours etc. A really lovely crowd. I was left in charge of fire, so an epic construction (That had everyone going 'It won't light') was erected and burnt (Ha, it did light!) but not without the help of a lot of blowing and fanning though.
Lots of party food consumed, nice people to chat to, small person to chaperone away from spiky/ electrical/ poisonous things and towards 'Boons!' (Balloons)
Eventually it came time to toddle off home, so we did. A very nice drive back, still cramped, but relaxed and far quicker. *Some* good sleep followed.

More to follow

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