Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sort of brother in law sort of thing

Sunday night is here again. Meh!

Watching Big Bang Theory at the end of an interesting weekend.

If you're not married, what do you call your girlfriend's brother? Well, I went to see him and go quadbiking as part of a belated birthday party. It was great. 

Violet Hold doesn't yield much loot, annoying.

More to follow, but tired.


Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Should I become 'Master of Potions'?

Back again, the OS X 10.5 install went well. It also confirmed the internal optical drive in my wee Mac Mini is dead :'( However the external DVD drive my Dad was kind enough to part with works like a charm.

The drive in WoW this week is to improve my professions. My current favourite, my Moonkin Druid, is advancing through alchemy at a rate of knots. However, there is the matter of 'Master of Potions' which I must get around to doing before I cap, so I figure I need to ramp down the potion making for the time being.

House stuff: Signed lots of scary legal documents and sent a large amout of money to a firm of lawyers (For those of you using a dialect of English, read as 'Attorneys') I've never 'double'-checked a payment 5 times. I was bricking it.

Talking of bricking it, I'm due to get carved up courtesy of the NHS. I'm due for an arthroscopy so I should be able to walk properly soon. That'll be nice, go run and play with my little boy in the park suchlike.

Anyhoo, off for a bit, need to do some work.

Be good, and if you can't be good, be careful!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

hardware failure

The day I've been dreading has arrived, my Mac Mini is dying. The optical drive is iffy, and so the OS disk isn't loading. :(

Friday, 22 May 2009

Lordy, it was difficult enough coming up with the blog name, unfortunately PMSL was taken, and now you want me to write stuff?!

Hello and welcome, a moment in the day in the life of Jimbob, Moonglade EU's and Essex's finest.

To summarise, I'm a Dad, a fiance, a WoW player, an IT engineer and a keen observer of the human condition (Read: Grumpy nit picking curmudgeon). Soon to become a home owner, so there might be (a) a short break while we move or (b) witty (Hopefully) observations on the hell that is moving house (And putting structured cat6 cabling in to boot)

I will try to bring to you my thoughts on playing a lot of characters on World of Warcraft - "Hi, My name's Jimbob and I'm an Altoholic" (Alts are other non-main characters in MMOs) and any nuggets I pick up along the way.