Saturday, 20 June 2009

OMFG - I run the guild

WoW - The guild is now mine

Oh. dear. god.

The guildmaster has left. He's made me chief, so it was time to bring out the big guns. I've moved my main out of my old and beloved guild, and I'm toughing it out as the guild master now. It's weird.

We're going on a recruitment drive. I'm not sure it's a brilliant idea, but I figure sod it, now I'm in charge, I'll see if I can do some good.

I got both my WoW T-Shirt and my new PC today. The first being an 'Ironforge Anvils' shirt, and the other is an HP xw6200 3.2GHz Xeon. Just waiting for a decent graphics card.

IRL - We had people come round to look at the house, so we had to iron the cat and hoover the lawn. The house looks lovely, but it's still odd.

Have a lovely Saturday night

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  1. Oh dear lord... you must be stressed and elated at the same time :D