Monday, 8 June 2009

At last, the week is here!

Well, at last the week is here.
Yeah, I know that seems wrong, but after such a fraught weekend, the week is practically a holiday by comparison. We had a short Friday night due to getting back late. Saturday was a washout due to the vendors of the house not coming back to us about visiting to measure up for carpets, take pictures for a paint job and so forth, this caused bickering over the silliest thing. I hope they didn;t get back to us because they weren't actually there. Otherwise, it's just a complete lack of courtesy. After that it was my least favourite activity involved in moving, the packing. At least there was an Indian takeaway, and that was delicious. Sunday was overtime, and a very busy one too.

Thanks to the staff at Stratford Station, the journey home was a nightmare. Their definition of 'Flooding' to the stairs at platform 10 was a puddle the size of a hardback book, and about as deep as an omelette. Sheesh! This meant they tied one end of the platform off, no signs further up or any announcements. There was no information when the trains were heading out my way. (Here's an idea, stop making train stations out of the marble-esque material that gets really slippery when it gets rain on it. We're in Britain, it rains alot. Who designs a station that becomes an ice rink the second it rains, and yet knows it's in Britain. Dur! Bill Hicks would have a field day with you.)

After all that, I got home to a promise from our guild leader to help out with a trip to the Botanica in Netherstorm to get the potions book from High Botanist Freywinn. I had dinner and I logged back on and most of the guild was suddenly silent when I asked for help. The guild leader wasn't on. I'm getting the book to make more potions for the guild, and only two guildees even bothered to respond and they were busy. I was disgusted. In the end only my mate Vinny helped out, but it wasn't enough. We needed the numbers or it was wipe-o-rama all the way. Two precious WoW hours completely wasted. I was livid, and hurt. When people need help, I'm there, when I need it, they're all staring at thier shoes and looking sheepish.

Considering a raiding guild that has regular runs at set times.

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