Monday, 25 July 2011

Manalicious vs Manalicious


Bikes. When most people think of me and bikes they think of motorcycles. Last weekend I was in Halfords buying Daniel his first proper bike. I've lost patience waiting for him to give up pushing himself along on his little front wheel driven trike, and so it was time to sort him out a proper bike, with stabilisers.

This weekend gone, I realised something, I hate sand, not as much as I used to, but it's still on the list. How I ended up at the beach in Frinton and Walton this weekend is a mystery, but had a lovely time just wandering up and down the sea wall and making sandcastles with my eldest son, while the other one slept in his pram like he had an 80 quid bar tab the night before. That wasn't a mystery, as I'm really starting to enjoy time with the family.

On the train this morning, I went looking for the brilliant Manalicious site. I've currently 'Maining' my Frost Mage, Nubbin. I went to, looking for the Mage blog site . Here's a tip, if you're straight, and on a packed train with a big-ass laptop screen on full brightness, don't go there. The lady next to me was quite shocked, and I was trying to subtly and tactfully employ the tried and tested "F*ck-f*ck-Alt-F4" method of getting away from that site. For the few seconds I saw it it appeared to be a site for transsexuals and those who enjoy their unique mix. Good on 'em, I say, but a bit embarassing on a packed commuter train. Learn from my mistake, got to the very nice manalicious blog if you need to scratch that Mage itch when you can.

Currently grinding rep with Hyjal Avengers/Earthen Ring/Guild to buy new goodies. In fact I got the Valor point bracers from the vendor last night. Bracer enchants seem t be getting more expensive, so it may be time to start sending disenchantables to a suitable alt. My long suffering Warlock is my enchantress of choice, but I also have a serviceable shadow priest dwarf, and he helps me out every now and then. My other alts aren't just sitting around, my jewelcrafter and blacksmith Myfanawy is making up plate sets for disenchantment and/or selling, and collecting gems from, and generally ending up back with, Nubbin. I've been considering getting Gwyllt back out of mothballs, as there seems to be a glut of dead spiders being left lying around the Molten Front, and I hate to see good leather going to waste. It's the same with Tol'Barad, dead spiders all over the shop, but others have got wise to this, so you have competition.

Find yourself somewhere where many beasts are killed over and over. Near the southern island in Twilight highlands is a spot where many dragons get killed as part of a quest, so worth passing every now and then to see how're tricks.

Anyhoo, be good, or be careful. Usual Zuggy link on the right. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Friend tree needs pruning vs Protect the World tree



Real life is a bit of a misnomer at the moment. I've been either working, waking up at stupid o'clock, running instances in WoW, and generally running around with no quiet time. Busy is best with me, certainly, but this is becoming surreal. I'm loaded on energy drinks, just left the house of a relatively important person after helping him and his charming family with their IT issues. I used to work with his wife, and through her and some other friends, met her husband. What a totally nice guy. Granted, what a nice family. It's a delight to work for people like that. Now I'm back on the train home to Witham, 2 many DJ's, with DJ Fresh and Queens of the Stone Age playing on the iPhone whilst I type this. Reading Linux Format, and dreaming up my next mad project. The next one requires my 16GB USB sticks, Boxee and a small form factor PC in my front room. Yes, It's time to take all the DVDs (I own) I've converted to a digital format and make them available to my telly.

Wedding crashed - My mate Rich got married in Bournemouth this weekend. I couldn't be there to see him off, but I'll come back to that. Grats, Rich and Jay Waldy, live long (Together) and prosper (Together). I couldn't be there due to a 'Friend' filing me pretty low down his list of priorities. After message after message, voicemail, Facebook, every method I had to hand, nothing. I know he's scatty, but I had nowhere to sleep in B'mth, and so missed my mate's wedding. I felt ignored and neglected on Friday. I came home in tears, and the lazy bastard still hasn't phoned. I removed him from Facebook. Not really his problem really, but hurtful, nonetheless. However it made me think. I have people I consider friends who don't contact me, didn't congratulate me on the birth of either of my kids, never comment on my photos of my kids (Even though I comment on theirs) and generally don't bother. I'm considering pruning the Friend-Tree, a few of the limbs have become atrophied, if not diseased.

After that, I had a brilliant weekend with the Mrs and the kids. She was looking after me a bit, letting me have more WoW time but finding stuff for me to do and keeping me amused. She's a real treasure. We all went swimming, the Mrs, Daniel, Xander and I. It was funny watching Xander try and make sense of it all. He seemed to like it.

Patch 4.2 finally dropped. w00t! Been grinding dailies in the Firelands, but unfortunately, the battery meter says I need to publish or wait. Damn waiting - Check Zuggy's gold guide -->

laters :)