Sunday, 8 May 2011

Crabs! vs. He could arrive at any moment

I'm reliably (And VERY frequently) that our next son could arrive 'any day now'. This is the equivalent of going to DefCon 2. We are on high alert. I have pointed out that, at least to start with, and if Daniel's anything to go by, Alexander won't give a monkeys for a decent amount of time. I am then reminded of what comes with a new birth, and no, I don't mean the afterbirth, something far easier to get rid of: Parents.

Yes, we are about to bring one new person into the house, then get lumbered with many 'old' people popping over. My sister even said my eldest nephew was born the day after he was, just so she could get a day's peace. Considering this as a tactic.

Crabs! I don't have crabs, but my hunter is considering taming one*. He has King Krush, a brilliant Ferocity pet, but as my hunter's been questing with him since he got him, Krush is now 81, but my other pets, namely my Tenacity pets, are low 70's. Pyreshell Scuttler here I come! Not sure which cunning pet to go for though. The real pity is that Spirit Beasts are a ferocity family, not just a skin for existing families.

*Got him this lunchtime, I must say I'm impressed so far, and his swimming action is hilarious.

As per usual, go to the link on the right and buy a gold guide from Zuggy, please.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Level 80! Fina-(Rude word)-lly vs. The impending Child

There seems to be a general feeling of let's get this done before... at the moment, impending childbirth of my second child.

Obviously, Goddess willing, this will go smoothly and we shall see Alexander, albeit covered in goo and viscera, quite soon, healthy as an Ox and sharp as a lemon-juice coated razor.

Charlie, my other half*, has gone a little bit mental organising things around the house. This is normal for two reasons: She's nesting, a normal stage of late pregnancy where women make sure the home is ready for the child (And drive Daddy insane with demands since the stone age); and secondly, we've had two consecutive four day weekend. The latter being Beltain, and our King after next deciding to honour an ancient tradition and getting hitched this time of year.

*Charlie and I were supposed to 'Jump the broom' (Get married) this weekend, but I settled for a close second and got her pregnant instead - lol. Instead, I'm making a new tradition to make a secret contract to her and/or the kids which is written in an envelope and sealed until Beltain next year (Beltain is the old name for Mayday, and is the time of agreements, contracts and marriages)

I must wish Kate and Wills best of luck. I'm not a royalist, but he seems all right.

I did laugh when I heard about the Pippa's Bum appreciation society on Facebook. Yes, the royal sister-in-law's backside did steal the show for a couple of minutes, credit due.

Free of my former guild, got to say I didn't have the measure of one of my peers, and am glad to be shot of her. Moved one toon into a startup guild, and one into a well established Guild. Happy with both. The katter suffers froma recent recruitment drive, but the bumholes will fall by the wayside soon, I can assume with some experience in this matter.

Yes, the let's this done before....espirit de corp bled over into WoW and I decided to drag my first char, Jimael, skinning and shooting to level 80. He must be close to five years old now. I will probably be in the ranking for slowest progression ever.

It was nice to end on Post-Partum Aggression. Felt like a major milestone when I got Level 80 toast, and Snows of Northrend popped up too. Sweet!

The next major mission is replacing the Shaman Heirloom shoulders. Yes, I looked silly, but that extra 10% XP is not to be sniffed at. Time to get the Tsunami Shoulders, but Deepsea Scale is a bitch to get hold of. This is largely due to the Whale shark scaring me silly (That thing in the background of the screenshot is a giant Mollusc building about the size of the middle of Dalaran, yes the shark is frakking huge). I was one of the kids traumatised by Jaws, and so Vashj'ir gives me the heebie-jeebies big time. I'm looking into other ways to get what I need, though. The AH hasn't been too kind, with them going for 20G a piece and I'm trying to get 20. Only another 7 to go then - lol.

Wish me luck, with the scales and the new boy :D

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