Friday, 5 June 2009

The slow burn

I am knackered. I've pulled two late shifts (Only two extra hours each) this week, and I've got a short shift Sunday. Throw in a few late nights and I'm not firing on all four. I suspect I shall have to go to bed earlier for a few days, or nap a little Saturday. I used to burn the candle both ends, up 'til 2, work at 8, work 'til 8 rinse and repeat. Now I'm totally useless at staying up late. I have to prop my eyelids open at midnight!

The flipside I suppose is now my bank balance is healthier and I can keep a job down, and I don't bite everyone's heads off all the time. I still do sometimes, and that's due to having a little petty mean streak, but hey, leopards and spots and all that.

WoW - Barely got a look in this week. It's been about the cooking awards for my mage, although I realised last night she's got honoured with Cenarion Expedition, and Hono(u)r Hold so I went and got the lvl 70 pieces from the quartermasters. The trousers are better, but the shoulders are competing with Frostwoven Shoulders. Although I should level the mage enough soon to mean I can use other parts of the Frostwoven set and still use the 70 set too. Swings and roundabouts abound.

I read a brilliant book by Iain M. Banks called 'Consider Phlebas' where the ship's captain had a modification to his brain to allow him to use one half of his brain for 24 hours, then the other, negating the need for sleep. Although I do love sleep, I could get more work done, have more family time and level my chars faster if I didn't need to sleep. Right now, I could use a little shuteye.

Have a good weekend :)

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