Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Yes, after a length of time I can't even contemplate, I'm back here. I don't play WoW any more. Haven't for over two years, I've been back and forth with a few games, Gearbox's Borderlands 2 being the mainstay for the last year, Borderlands before that. I've even started fashioning some of the armour from the Crimson raiders characters. Due to family commitments I need a game I can hit Pause on. This isn't to say I've not had any MMO time. star Trek online was fun for a bit, once Star Wars:The Old Republic went free to play it had a look in. Neither lit my fuse like WoW. I have a contact in NCSoft, who is trying to get me a Beta test for Wildstar, which is made by a group founded by people who left Blizzard (WoW's creators) I'm hoping his will happen soon. I'm keen to get a bit more MMO time without the huge crop of Arseholes who made leaving WoW such an easy choice, both to make and to stick to. Let's see Work hard, have fun and listen - My mantra to my eldest son. Words I could do with more myself sometimes.