Friday, 21 May 2010


I worry about my boy. He's a bright and happy and cheerful and I'm scared he'll end up cynical, vulnerable and lack confidence. I'd rather he had a quiet, dignified confidence borne of ability and wisdom, than be brash, loud and blasé. I assume I'm not alone in this. I also worry because I suspect he may inherit certain traits from me. I hope my lack of confidence is one that he does not get.

On a particularly low day, I was found wanting. It turns out Nubbin is nowhere near geared or specced highly enough for ICC10. With a paltry hit rating of 170, frost spec, some sub-200 armour pieces and MP5 gems and no idea of the tactics, I've slewed wildly around while Lord Marrowgar used me as a football during our first and second meetings. Not auspicious. Guildees were really good about it, which almost makes it worse.

I have since had to grind all my alts to make money and mats to respec, regear, regem, and re-enchant Nubbin. She is effectively reinvented. I look forward to taking her out for a spin soon, once I've made a bunch of Veiled Ametrines for her gem slots. Hit rating stands around 230, so as long as we have a Dranny in the group, I should be OK.

Didn;t realise there were good things available from vendors in WoW. Looks like a rep grind with the Wyrmrest mob will get me some nice new shoes, see the Hodirs for shoulder enchant and get Bene to run a bunch of enchant scrolls.

Feeling much better now, just watched this which I believe should be compulsory viewing for everyone. Now go outside and enjoy the unseasonable seasonable weather.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Mindless automaton? Moi?

I reckon that whole voodoo zombie thing only can happen when a person has to deal with a toddler and their 'interesting' sleep patterns. I haven't slept properly for days, that being I'm getting most of the hours, just not all together, and at the same time.

If you get the chance go to the Great Notley Country Park, lots of great things to do and very kiddie friendly. Went there Sunday and loved it, Daniel went crazy on the play equipment and Daddy loved the giant lie-down swing (Nearly fell asleep on it, more like)

I have a gnome! No, I didn't forget to put that under WoW. I have an actual garden gnome on a tricycle. And he's riding free and easy around my potato patch. He was a delightful present from my Charlie (The Boss, She who must be obeyed, my darling (not-quite) Wife)

It's just been a terrible and grinding...well, grind to get Benedictxiv (My Shadow/Holy dual spec priest) to 440 Enchanting. I could have avoided the hassle and just spent the dual spec money on mats for enchanting. Then some (person) undercuts all I'm selling on the AH, so I can't make the money even nearly back. Hmmph

I'm 3 pets away from the skunk pet for Myffy and the achievement that goes with it, that'll be good. Dustwallow marsh and the Wetlands on the cards for raptor babies.

Been slowly getting Myffy, Jimaeth and Bene up with their respective dailies. It's time they blew up some pirates and went to Amberpine lodge for a taste of what the enemy look like, and how they squeal when injured. For the Alliance!!

Be good out there, or be quiet about it :D

Monday, 10 May 2010

A magical and revoluntionary product at an unbelievable price - Damn right on the last bit

Just been emailed by a friend drooling over the newly available iPad. She sent me the price, and she sent me the link. So I thought I'd check to see if Apple are making fun of British customers.

The US site lists the 32GB with WiFi as $599, and the British site lists £499. According to this morning's figures, says 599USD = 399GBP

What do you get for the extra £100? I bet you know the answer? That's right - Nothing. Before you start thinking Apple-Naysayer, wrong, first computer, Mac Plus, then Classic, Quadra 610, G3 B/W, G4, Mac Mini G4, iBook 13 inch, Mac Mini Intel Dual Core etc etc. I have always loved Apple, but hate companies that make fun of the already stupid British market price to basically profiteer from their loyal fanbase.

Apple, give me a good reason why you think it's justifiable to charge that difference in price? Is it because we British would stand for it? If that is so, you should be ashamed of yourselves. While you're at it, support Flash.

'Nuff said

Fishing - Grrrr! I wish the fishing contest yielded a few more or more likely prizes. Or at least there should be some more fishing enchants or recipes (Like tailors making fishing hats, or smiths making poles, alchemists making lures etc) Basically spent the weekend fishing in WoW, and this could account for my terrible mood today.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

While the cat's away, MOLTEN CORE!!!!

No family in the house from Thursday to Sunday. After an initial wave of glum, followed by a sacharine-like high of 'house to myself, music on all hours' for just under a day, settled back into the marginally unsettling revelation that I'm more confortable with my family around me. Yes I played WoW, and I played a lot, but I also got unnerved by the quiet when the music stopped, and the lack of movement about the house, no little face peering around the doorframe to to ask "What oonupto, Daddy?" and no Chalrie about for a cuddle. Soft sod that I am, I was overjoyed when Charlie and Daniel returned.


OMFG - Blackwing Lair, Blackrock Depths, Upper Blackrock Spire, and (The icing on the cake) Molten Core. Just need LBRS to finish of the Mountain Saga (That's not an achievement, just my name for it) and a bunch of randoms, and even Zul'Aman. This was a truly awesome run.