Monday, 1 June 2009

Sunday, a day of rest (Not bloody likely)

Sunday: Holy crap, we're moving. Messages fro Saturday while we were out. Everyone wants to move in June, our notice on the house is end of July - eeeek!
The Mrs saves the day (Like she always does, bringing a brain to the proceedings and all that) and speaks to the landlady. The landlady is a star and says helps me and I'll help you. Furious lawnmowing and hedge trimming ensues (I'm both a bit crap and a lot lazy at garden maintenance)

'This isn't going to buy baby new shoes' - Off to a local factory outlet with a Clarks in it to get my boy some new shoes, his last pair of sandles chafed his ankles, so sod the expense, decent shoes time. We drive off, the boy and I (Mummy at home getting some well deserved sleep) and 5 minutes later, he's sparko (deeply asleep) in the back seat. I go to 'a certain restaurant' drive through for deep fried cheesy thingies and a strawberry milkshake to let him sleep some more and kill some time. He starts to stir so off we go again, 5 more minutes we've parked and are out. Halfords for red spray (I'm spraying a Dell 1600SC Rover Nightfire Red just for sh*ts and giggles, pictures to follow) then off to Clarks for ickle shoes. He gets measured, runs around like a lunatic, and starts eyeing up pretty girls in the shoe shop (Thassmaboyee!) we come back and order is restored, the queen is once more happy and the sun is blazing, lunch outside and all is well with the world.

Sunday PtII: Violet HoldAnother trip into what I see as a bit of a non-event. Some nice loot, but a bit of a conveyor belt of blue dragonkin and so on. I like Nexus, it's pretty good, and I need to do more instances, I miss instances like sunken temple, proper windy 'You might get lost' type places. Also, what happened to the mountains of grey crap you used to get to pay for your repairs? Odd. I should have a look at Naxx, my 80 DK isn;t that well geared, but that guild has a load of 80s that would just do it for fun, fully loaded with their Naxx and above gear.

Guilds, they're odd things. You have a combination of real people being unreal people and behaving like both. This is just in the nice guilds I am a part of - lol. I've been in guilds with men pretending to be girls as chars (I have some female chars, easier to watch, for longer gaming - see Tombraider developers nots, I'm sure) and some actually pretending to be girl players. Some doing it to disrupt and potentially worse. Some doing it as a roleplay exercise. I suggest if you have a female player come on to you as a char, imagine they're a 20 stone male truck driver. If that floats your boat, then good luck to you. Personally, I always put my shortened name 'Jim' in my guild notes, saves a lot of explaining later.

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