Thursday, 22 October 2009

Cake is NOT a lie

Holy crap, finally. Delicious Chocolate cake finally dropped. I was shocked and stunned (Well about 3 minutes later, as I was also half asleep) I did today's daily first thing. The little fella watched Peppa Pig and the Mrs was having porridge.

Jeez, nearly forgot, went to Naxx last night. SPent the first half DPSing and the second half healing, I wasn't brilliant at the latter. Got nice things. Went through the Spider wing nicely, went to the plague wing, spanked Patchwerk, however, when it was Grobbulus's turn for a kicking, it actually wasn't, it was ours. This was my first major run with the guil, and first over Ventrilo, my initial thoughts on my guild have been confirmed, they#'re a nice bunch. Also, as the healing wasn't brilliant, it wasn't 'Fire up the blamethrower, we're having a BBQ' it was civilised. Points were made, and taken, very well. Bless her, Sal apologised in advanced for sounding harsh, even though she didn't. I love my guild :D

No WoW tonight, having a night in with the Mrs. She was good enough to let me raid last night, least I can do is return the favour. However Lunch break is another matter ;)

I've been letting it slip recently. So, this morning, I ironed my shirt and had a decent shave. My chops have forgotten the touch of a razor of late and told me in no uncertain terms I should get some sharper blades. Once my face calmed down a bit, colected my thoughts, and my stuff (Minus my work phone, I've just noticed) together and got out of the house. Nice to get on the 07:43 from Braintree, much lower 'unpleasant person' factor than the mainline through COlchester.

I am, as you may have noticed, trying to be a bit more politic. This is no mean feat.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Headless Horseman is here - And Jack is not

Yes, that's right, the annual loot-fest that is Hallows End is upon us.

I've managed to rack up both caster rings, and passed on the sword twice. I do wish the broom would last longer, as it was perfect for my Warlock when she was 70 and could take him last year. Imagine, small female gnome warlock, black hair, pointy hat, broom, black cat pet from Elwynn - Perfect

Anyway, just need 5 more tokens from the tournament to get the caster mail chest for Codnor and he'll be sorted. Then it's chest and shoulders for Myfanawy, melee shoulders for Jimael, and the leather melee chest for Ybby and Jimaeth. Once I've got those I'll have 20% XP boost to all my chars. (Sweeeeet!)

Gangan has died. Charlie's dear and lovely Grandad has gone on, after a major stroke and a short illness. He wasn't my Grandad, but he was the only Grandad I had, hence my lack of posts. The funeral's next week and I'm not sure whether to speak or not.

On a lighter note. Want a holster for my PSP.

Do yourselves a favour, give your family a ring every now and then. Even if they're massive bum-pains, they're still family.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Delicious Chocolate Cake - thou dost vex me!

Delicious Chocloate Cake has become my nemesis. I have been knocking out fishing and cooking dailies for weeks now, and everytime I get that crate of meat, it's just meat, and crap.

I'm after this recipe, so I can get this achievement and one more recipe from The Outland Gourmet but that (Lots of rude words) recipe won't drop.

I'll be checking the forums if there are any other ways to get this blasted recipe.

Have fun :)