Monday, 15 August 2011

Children's Parties vs. Guild Runs

Little people parties are fun. The food is great too, but not if you're dieting. Yes, this will be my 5th meeting of Slimming World. I'm loving losing weight, but I can't shake the image of Marjorie Dawes in Fat Fighters on the Little Britain sketch show. "Dutht!" I'm just short of a stone in weight lighter, and my knees seem happier. Old trousers fit again (Huzzah!) but back to the party. My eldest went as a rogue (The cad/scoundrel sort, not the dual bladed sort from WoW) and he looked every inch the rockstar. He played with the birthday girl and others for the whole time he was there, was a barrel of laughs, and I had a lovely time chatting with some of the parents.

Boblbee: The hunt is on. I'm after a Boblbee Megalopolis backpack. I first saw one in Dark Angel, and I've wanted one since. Now I've been given the go ahead to get one, instead of trying to build my own in the style of Jorge from Halo: Reach. Either way, it's winning! Bidding on one, and watching the others, we'll see.

Grinding the crap out of the Firelands now, I wants me the Marks of the World Tree tokens for rep and goodies. Dull, but at least rewarding. Otherwise, got my Firelord robe and gloves and now working towards improving my trade skills with my other toons. Dreamcloth is in short supply :)

I'm thinking of giving up doing guild runs, they never happen, there's always a problem. So I'm pugging it from here, methinks.

As usual, buy a gold guide from Zuggy, link on the right. -->

And be good, or if not, be careful