Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Time and Tanking

Charlie's training for this job (Training my peachy ...! 8 weeks unpaid work) is becoming a grind. We've been 'upgraded' to unlimited broadband with Sky, which in real terms means LOADS of reconnects. Turns out the numpties set us to half a meg broadband. Half a meg!! FFS I play games, and Charlie does online support. Half a MEG!! Now this has been put back to a pesh-poor 4Megabits per second (I hate living in the country sometimes) I might be able to play games, or even see Google in under 5 minutes.

I tanked. Not like Dollhouse. I respecced to a Prot Pally and tanked my first instance. I wish I'd read this first. Big repect to Captn's Blog which should be compulsory reading for all pally tanks, preferably before they do their first instance.

Tonight I shall play WoW like I haven't played in a week. Because I practically haven't. Meh!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Seany's fantastic party

Not been WoWing much this weekend after a fantastic party practically free of drama, but certainly not free of fun. The Mrs and I went to our dear friend Sean's 22nd birthday party and were greeted by a very obviously Irish young man in shiny red hot pants, a denim shirt tied around his midrif and a pair of spike stillettos (How he can walk in those? I have no idea!) with a ciggy dangling from his mouth and a can of Fosters in his paw. That was our beloved host, half changed into this alter ego, Noleen Colon. Laugh? I nearly shat.... (To quote Pete and Dud)

Sean was in fine fettle despite his more fickle friends not attending, but this only enforced that his good friends did attend, amongst them, Fiona (An old mate from Walthamstow, where Sean, Fiona and I lived at one point). My Charlie made him a lovely cake, which I think delighted him beyond words, especially as the sponge was green (something to do with a Donna summer song about a cake in the rain) and of course we got the live rendition by Donna Summer about 10 minutes later. I'm delighted that Sean has a good other half and circle of supporting friends.

Thanks for a fun party Sean/Noleen

Apart from a distinct lack of sleep, and a fuzzy head the next day, it was a fantastic evening, bolted onto a day including a smidge of overtime (Which is always nice) and followed by a lovely lunch in the country.

Finally respecced my Rogue, seems like an improvement, will have to see how he handles in a live test (Randoms, anyone?) See you all out there.

Saturday, 17 July 2010


IRL: With overtime, team drinkies and long days I'm shattered.

This has carried over into my virtual life...

WoW: Also shattered. With trying to do dailies for Benedictxiv and my newly 80 rogue Jimaeth, I am losing my motivation with WoW. I suspect the worst random instances I've ever done (With Jimaeth) could have a lot ot do with that. I'll be respeccing him to assasination presently, and I hope this can lift his malaise.

As for me, I'm off to get free Cat5 cable and see some friends. Have a great weekend.

Monday, 12 July 2010

3, 2, 1 and you're back in the room!

Yep, back from Holiday.

Best. Holiday. Ever.

IRL - We went through Stansted with little or no fuss. Still annoyed at practically having to strip to my duds because some loony fanatic might use a belt as a weapon. Grow up, if someone wants to injure/coerce/threaten the crew of an aircraft, they can and they will. It's just a PR stunt. You can injure some with a broken bit of plastic, I know because I have (I had some 'anger management issues' as a child. Sometimes you just pick on the wrong nerd)

Our 2 and a half year old toddler slept on the flight over to France, it was a thing of beauty and a joy to behold. He slept like a little lamb between my other half and I, and was desperately cute. All this in spite of the deadpan east european monotone of the air hostess blaring out at about 90 decibels over the crap internal tannoy system every 5 seconds. We arrived at Limoges airport to a warm showery day with none of the usual headaches associated with air travel.

WoW - Holiday is always a great time for some great WoW. My parents have a lovely iMac 20 inch so getting to play in glorious technicolor is nice. My Rogue just hit 80 and is doing randoms now - w00t! his DPS isn't great but I can work on it, with gear and a possible respec, he'll be carving a path of destruction soon enough. Assasination-spec here I come :D

My other alts are progressing nicely, Myfanawy is nearly revered with Kirin Tor simply by doing loads of JC dailies. In fact, apart from the odd withered troll, elemental or Proto-drake, she doesn't get XP any other way at the moment.

Anyhoo, have fun