Friday, 19 June 2009

Two Posts today - You lucky Peeps PtII

WoW - Yes, the beast we all fear has reared his ugly head, and that beast has a name - Guild Drama

I'm in a great guild. After the initial issue of 'Digital Laryngitis' (No one responds when you ask a question to guild chat, esp. one for help) things have been fairly settled of late, however, the last week has been nightmarish. We've had at least 3 good officers leave. One citing joining a friends guild, another couldn't handle the pressure of being an officer, and others just /gquit on us for no apparent reason.

The first two were such top blokes I won't sling mud, but I do wish they'd come back. The guild master has taken a leave of absence to get his head straight away from the guild, and put myself and another guildee in charge for a couple of weeks. Slightly scary, but I figure we'll soldier on.

I've dinged my druid to 75, so I can finally use that mercurial thingamyjig I made in Alchemy. After doing so many dailies I had a bit of a splash out and bought some nice new armour bits. Does anyone actually make the entire iceborne leather set? Doesn't look like it on Moonglade - EU. Talking of leather, got my original main out of mothballs to go skin Northrend. I should start seeing better leatherworking through dint of hard work within the month - Yay!!

I suppose I should move my 80 DK across so I can raid with the guid a bit, make her chief cheese. Shame she's not the best DPS ever, need to find what to do about that, but I suppose the secret is just to keep raiding and pick up nicer bits. It'll be nice to play her again, I find my Druid is a little frail as he's a boomkin. Hmm, what to do?

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  1. Get the DK , m'boy..its loads of fun and they're not so dainty :D