Wednesday, 31 March 2010

W00t! Thunder, Deep Thunder and Stormherald

I finally cracked it. Got the mats for Thunder, from that made Deep Thunder and then finally made Stormherald. Although there are better weapons out there for a Ret Pally, especially a lvl 72 one, this weapon is a bit of an acheivement in and of itself.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Different factions IRL and WoW

Nubbin is grinding her way through the Argent Tourney. Her Classic rep is appalling, so I'll be trawling the AH for Wool Cloth again :( or going back to starter zones - Meh!

The upside is this time Nubbin has the Turbocharged flying machine so I can get shedloads of Saronite and Titanium on my travels, the downside is oh bloody hell not the tournament AGAIN!
One moment of light relief, did the quest chain for Scholomance, and now I can see the Caer Darrow citizens, something I've been meaning to do for over 2 years.

With all the demands of my various employers/customers and trying to fit in with two different holiday structures, three lots of procedures, and still maintain a smiling facade, I'm knackered. Throw in the threatened train strike next week, and I'm simply not looking forward to the week after Easter.

Today, a legend leaves my company. She will be missed. Chandni, thanks for being a damn good colleague and good luck with the next thing.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

"You'll understand when you're married!"

Sounds like a quote from a sitcom, but infact it's a line delivered in a men's loo in west london.

Before you think too hard about that, imagine the scene: A man in his 30's, is using the facilities dressed normally apart froma flamingo pink wig, boa and tutu. A small boy comes into the loo and looks at him, fairly enough, oddly.

The boy points out that the man is actually a 'girl', his incredulous voice pointing out that girls shouldn't be in that room. The man's reply is "You'll understand when you're married!"

To my best mate Darren, thank you for me being on your stag do, and my best wishes as you approach your impending

Thunder eludes me. Khorium is really hard to find, and the stuff on the AH is ludicrously expensive. Yes, I'm making an epic TBC two hand mace for my ret-pally. Mainly to really use my engineers new flying machine, which, with training, cost me best part of 5K. Eeeks!

I'll be getting Myfanawy back out and swatting things with it soon, but so far I am 2 Khorium bars, 7 Primal Water, a mere 1 Primal Air away from Big Heavy Stick paradise.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Cutest thing ever - Meerkat babies. Seriously cute. Saw them at Tropical Wings in Essex, which you should visit. And yes, we paraphrase the adverts. We did actual compare the meerkats.

2nd cutest thing ever - Otter babies. Same place, but the meerkat babies stole their thunder.

And yes, I'm a big old hairy lump covered in tattoos, that doesn't make the ickle meerkats and otters any less gorgeously cute.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Worst. Mothers Day. Ever.

We totally fluffed it. Daniel and I put in a shocking performance for Mother's Day. You need to understand the lead up: Daniel was an absolute angel the day before, all of my Charlie's family came over, (sort of) Mother in law, (sort of) Brother in Law, his wife 'Aunty Doon' (June, as delivered by Daniel's cutespeak) and Charlie's darling granny, who I've adopted as my own. She's lovely and little and sweet, and has been nothing bar brilliant to me since I first started dating Charlie. Everyone's having a pretty good time, Charlie's chucking out great food at a rate of knots, and getting a bit stressed (She has performance anxiety, which is mildly amusing as she is a cracking cook and has the ability to organise me and our son, so how hard is a bit of lamb, beef, salad, veg, and 3 puddings? - I'm not going to go on about the food , OK, maybe a little. Charlie's cooking is awesome. OK, done!) and I'm on clear up, so we've spun the dishwasher up at least 4 times, I've washed every large pan we have about 3 times, hard work but fun. Then 'Just Dance' for Wii comes on, we all shake our thing, and have a chuckle. Daniel charms everyone, we wind down, everyone goes, super smashing great.

So that's the lead up, and so we expect good things for Sunday. I have a bottle of CK in2u (CK representatives, excuse my potentially wrong capitalisation etc) for the chief, and a nice card. Daniel's drawn spirals in the card by way of making his mark. Cue Sunday Morning.....

Wake to very loud crying. Daniel's got faceache (For those not familiar, this means he's woken in a very bad mood) and is being a bit of a bumhole. Charlie's unhappy, she was expecting breakfast in bed, flower in glass, lie in. Instead she gets screaming child, sinus-infection other half (me) now with faceache also (Due to screaming child and some poorly chosen words from Charlie) I then go downstairs, Charlie crying into tea 'she had to make herself -sob-' so I send her back to bed, make breakfast with Daniel (Which cheers her up as she can hear it all) I look after the boy, Charlie doesn't sleep. Daniel still bumholesque, but doped up on Thomas the Tank Engine and Brum (The makers of I should personally thank for services to parenthood) The rest of the day is better, but due to wrong start never fully recovers. I agree to surprise Charlie at a later date by dedicating a whole morning to her pampering in the style of Mother's Day.

I would like to say in my defense my take on Mothers Day is somewhat askew as my memories of it were Mum and Dad appeared at my boarding school and I would scowl at them for sending me there. That and not enjoying the irony of being a child visited at the place in charge of his care by his parents on a day dedicated to celebrating their effort to that end. After that, Dad would ring me to remind me to send a card. Yes, I was a brat, a vitriolic, angry, and ungrateful one too. I want to get over all that before I, like my hero Mr John Ravenscroft (AKA Peel), realise my parents are the good guys and I don't remind them I know this and how much I am grateful now I'm finally the adult they formed me into nearly often enough.

On the subject of John Peel. Reading the autobiography, just got the bit where Sheila (John's widow) tells of John's death. Couldn't read it on the train, didn't want to sob openly on a crowded commuter train, doesn't go down well). I worked at a newspaper at the time, and I cried when they announced it. Thanks for so much, and so much brilliant music.

So, to Charlie, and to my Mum. Thank you, you are, and have done, a great job. I love you both very much. (Soppy sod that I am)

Sunday, 7 March 2010

If I had hair I'd actually tear it out!

Trying to find a touchscreen tablet form factor PDA/laptop. Not having much luck. Lots of lovely Sub-£100 Andriod models at CeBit and so on and so forth, unfotunately due to the increased interest in this form (I love you, I hate you, Apple) thanks to the iPad, I basically can't get hold of a cheap and yet decent internet/wifi capable unit for under a ton. Arrrrgh! Worst of all, I have the unit I want, the HP tx1100 tablet, dead and unwilling to boot without blue checker pattern.

Friday, 5 March 2010

I'm Brilliant!!

I've cracked it! the gate of levelling, a portal to higher levels in very small amounts of time. Actually discovered this with my Paladin, Myfanawy. Sent her forth to kill 12 Vrykul in Valgarde, and discovered she could rack up 2K XP on almost every mob she killed, with NPC support in the area, it's a relatively quick process. I actually discovered it when all the mobs aggro'd and I had to dispatch about 5 of them and noticed my XP bar going up FAST. 8 bars from 69 is now 4 bars up from 69 in about 20 minutes. Sweet!

Due to having some residual self image issues which crippled me through school and especially as a teenager, I thought I'd try to help my son to avoid my Achilles heal. I've taught him to say "I'm Brilliant!!" to help boost his self esteem. I don't want to create a raging egomaniac, but a little chunk of confidence won't do him any harm. Being a cute 2 year old with flaxen curls, he does make my throat constrict with pride when he does it, too. Soppy sod? Guilty, as charged :)

Reconcile your family, they're yours as much as you are theirs, make the best of it.

Monday, 1 March 2010

The race to 70 (Or thereabouts)!

I'm a bit of a sucker for a challenge. This weekend I realised that my old 65 Pally had almost all the boxes ticked for the 'Elder' achievement. So now the challenge is to get my Pally into all the dungeons and to all the Northrend elders by Saturday. Hmmm, wacky races, anyone.

Step one, flying (Outland) - sorted, lowers the cost and turnaround of quests
Step one point one - Riding crop (Jimaeth! Help!)
Step two, level to 68 - A biscuit away from 66 now
Step three, Northrend flying (I'll need to check if that's 68 or 70)

PS I love Wowhead holiday guides, they're brilliant

My first proper weekend off after moving the company I do IT for from one building to another, leaving the servers in the same place but linking them to the new site with fibre optic, and setting up all the users, printers etc. 'Busy' and 'Headache' are two words that spring to mind (British understatement there, lol) Did some stuff around the house, reloaded an old PC and got a USB monitor working (7 inch Samsung Screen without a graphics card - Can I hear an Awesome!)

Speaking of which, must find out when Chuck is back on TV, loved that show.