Monday, 27 April 2015

OK, so where's 1.3 Powerplay?

Hello good peeps of the interwebz,

Patience has never been my strong suit, but I thought we'd have 1.3 Powerplay by now? I'm keen to see the Diamondback in the hope it's the ship to suit me perfectly. I want something tough, but with a bit of cargo spacce. The impression I get from reviews is that the Fed Dropship is not good value for money. I love my Asp, but it's getting OLD, and it's that awkward size/price point that you have no choice until you get to the Python.

Talking of which, one interdicted me yesterday, scared me silly. I've killed one before, but this guy was guns blazing from the off, ended with 53% hull and thought myself both wise and fortunate for getting the duck out of fodge with some hull to spare.

Anyhoo, waiting with baited breath for 1.3, rep for that Dropship won't farm itself.....

Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Powerplay and Fer De Lance and Vultures, oh my!!

Apologies for my tardiness in posting, there's been a combination of stress, malaise, work and Elite why I'm not posting so often. My 'Little Asp that could' is nearing the end of it's upgrade journey. It's a toss up between a Vulture with lots of  cargo space, a Fer de Lance armed to the teeth, or grind Fed rep and get the Dropship. I can afford the Drop ship right now, and I think I could afford the Vulture, but feel either would be a compromise. Decisions, decisions....

Powerplay...ahem plays a part in this... If I grind Fed rep to Petty Officer I can get the ship, and Powerplay  will tesselate nicely in that it should allow for more and easier rep grinding missions, and maybe some discounts. Yay!! Because who doesn't love a discount on something you've been saving for? Amiriiight?

Especially interested to see what the Alliance will pull out the hat as a loyalty reward. I'm hoping some unique or A+ modules or twin Smalls for Medium moints etc. Their own ship would probably be tidy, too. We'll see, soon enough.

Starting to love a bit of combat. Made 'Novice' rank in combat and getting some nice bounties, killed a Python and an Anaconda in one week, I was like a dog with two willies. I bet my ship looked like it was dragged through a combine harvester backwards, mind, but what the hey.

Also got my Asp handed to me (see what I did there?) small pieces after getting cocky and trying to take on two Annies and a Cobra. The Cobra was 'Dangerous' and the Annies were Master, so bit off more than I could chew would be a gentler version of my prognosis.

However, doing the (as described by one Elite forum member) Baby's first rare run at this time until I can afford something meatier. the run consists of buying rates in the  Lave, Diso etc cluster, then haul it to Witchhaul, flog the cargo, buy stuff over that side of the map, then haul ass to Zaonce and flog everything. Makes a Million easy if you wait for stock refreshes. If not, half a Million. Not shabby, even so.

Anyhoo, IRL beckons. Fly safe and Bon weekend!!