Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Spinning my wheels

Sorry I abandoned you all, it's been a busy weekend. Grinding rep with RL mates in WoW, finally doing Sethekk Halls on Heroic, more rep etc, kodohide set pieces blah blah blah - I know that it's a bit below me as a 74 Druid, but I want Swift Flight form and Lower City Honoured is required, so it's all gravy, baby.

As for RL, house progresses further, signed off the paperwork, after some issues with Witham Library staff being damnably difficult, and posted it. My advice to Braintree district council, defrag those PCs once in a blue moon - they blow.

Antec 900 case! W00t! Building a new slinky system, based on decent quality second hand parts (Come on, I'm a Dad, I don't have the money to go see AlienWare for a new system) Been spinning my wheels slightly in WoW, not sure what to do, obviously levelling is a priority, but been kind of twiddling my thumbs, WoW-wise.

I think I will focus on Valiance rep, I can Daily my way to higher levels, while I wait for guildees' invites for instances.

Live long and prosper, or something

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