Thursday, 2 July 2009

Swift Fliiiiiiight!

...sung in an opera styleee.

Last night, after much gnashing of teeth and girding of loins, I finally got my swift flight form. How? Simple, bribery.

I offered the raven lord mount to anyone who would accompany me to destroy Anzu if it dropped. Sithis was kind enough to help. It didn't drop, which is a shame as Sithis was a top player and realy cool.

Thank you Sithis, I still intend to help you farm that mount when you want it.

Swift flight form is like having a sports car, and you can do my favourite trick of turning it off and on mid-flight. (You drop like a stone, freaking out other players as you shoot past them - lol)

I jumped guilds with my Druid. My old guild, which I briefly returned to, were their usual apethetic selves, so after asking for help and getting nowhere, I joined a raiding guild. They seem like a nice bunch, and the only reason the haven't helped is the one guy on didn't have the Auchindoun heroic key, so he couldn't.

Next, earn 250 gold to get Cold Weather Flying and tour Northrend at my leisure, and grind some Wyrmrest rep.

IRL - getting the keys to the house tomorrow, so I may be previously booked for a bit. First job, remove old carpets, paint two rooms and remember to take the kettle :)

Be good

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