Monday, 4 October 2010

Jimbelle's all grown up, and my leg bloody hurts.

Back pain - Meh! It feels like the tendons in my left leg have become shorter, and yes, it's damn painful.

On a lighter note. Life is pretty sweet. My son doesn't listen to a damned word I say, the Mrs is working too much (Which is good for WoW but a pain for housework/seeing her time) but work is going OK and my WoW-life is awesome.

Could really use more sleep though, but as a parent to a toddler, realistically expecting to not get any. Just been informed the little man may have chicken pox. I need that like a hole in the head.

The computer room is an absolute pig sty, but I now have all the necessary parts to build my ultimate super-dooper computer room. Unfortunately, I'm actually quite lazy, so it's not as likely to happen as soon as you'd think. I really want to fix it up, but I'd like it to fix itself up more. Yes, I'm praying for faeries to come sort it out.

This past 2 weeks have all been about Jimbelle. My pint sized girl Warlock, has hit 78, and is participating in Brewfest, that wonderful frost emblem farming...oops....seasonal celebration of beer. I even had to speak to the lovely GM's last night, my Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest vanished in the ether. I had a wonderfully upbeat and chipper GM reply and get it posted to me. w00t!

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