Monday, 25 October 2010

Hallows End\Hallowe'en\Samhain\Divali

The End of October is upon us again, so whether you're celebrating it with trick or treating or as a festival proper, have a good one. I will be celebrating in two ways, trick or treating with my little boy in his vampire costume (Very cute), then afterwards, I'll be having a small bonfire and a bottle of mead to celebrate Samhain and see my new year in.

Still milking the headless horseman for all he's worth. Is it me or is this one less rewarding than last year. Last year my DK cleaned up, helmet, trinkets, mount, the works. This year, the same trinkets over and over, a Squashling, a mount. I suppose it's been balanced by the ease of going there, but it just feels a bit tight this year. An 80 version of the Horseman's Blade wouldn't go amiss.

I wonder if they've juiced up day of the dead this year? A big papier mache skull helmet would be ace, and pure comedy gold for my Gnome Warlock. The event is now 2 days long, which seems a bit odd for a 'Day of..' type arrangement.....

Well, I may blog beforehand but if not, have a great Hallowe'en/Samhain/Divali

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