Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Cata is coming: run like £&@k

Yes, World of Warcraft's next expansion is nearly upon us, and yes, I want the ZG raptor mount like never before. I hope today's 'scheduled' maintenance doesn't include this getting itself disparu'd.

Jimbelle joined a new guild, they're fairly big but they are based on the credo that people have lives and jobs and stuff. I must say it's very refreshing, although did manage to do Sarth 3D on second day with relatively mint 80 'lock, so quite impressed.

Talking of maintenance, my shelves will arrive today, with a smudge of luck, so I will spend the weekend rebuilding the computer room. I have pro arms to mount my monitors on, the old telly (36" LCD) so I can stick films on while the Mrs is working (she works from home taking orders and stuff for a large mail order firm most nights, and she can't be disturbed) and the oft-put off PC maintenance including multiple monitors and card to my server, the usual round of updates and defrags. On top of that wiring a sizeable chunk of the house with cat6 cable to avoid trailing wires that have plagued us for months.

WoW and IRL: been invited back by Zuggy to contribute to the next blog carnival on gold making in/for Cataclysm, so watch this space.

Be good, or be careful!

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