Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Cataclysm - The Meh!

Yes, I'm meh-ing Cataclysm. Two valid reasons:
1. I'm now officially bored of Wrath. I could probably write a guide on alternate levelling methods. This is my own fault for taking 7 toons to 80, one to 79 (Later today, Ding! in advance) and one to 5 (A bank char!), having killed off a 40, a 20, and a 10 (This'll probaboly 9 to 80 and one to 40 by the time Cata Collector's edition lands in my grubby paws. Also, having my fault for having done them all as Alliance, I've seen the same content over and over. Hell, I've even started trying to do it differently this time. Barely any Grizzly Hills PvP (Got the Grizzled Vet Achievement just for gits and shiggles) So the actual reason I'm meh-ing Cata is that I can't wait for it. I'm actually bored of waiting for it, just want it to happen now.

2. Secondly because Wrath has no new content, and that is Cataclysm's fault. It will also mean that Northrend will become as empty and dead as Outland. I flew through Outland last night. It's gorgeous. It's now also completely wasted. When I started levelling my 60's to 70, it was full. When I levelled the last of my alts to 70, it's was starting to feel a little spooky and empty. Northrend is starting to feel a bit empty. From my WoW friends on Facebook I've twigged that most have let their WoW accounts lapse and will only renew once the expansion hits. This means I'm filling my time until that happens, grinding money and rep etc that won't really be much use until December.

This isn't a direct criticism. Blizzard have done a fantastic job of their expansions, and this causes them problems. Namely (Words to the effect of, as I'm paraphrasing) 'We'd like to release an expansion every year' 'Dance Studio' 'Path of the Titans' etc etc

I'd especially like to say that Greg Street, he of the Ghostcrawler variety, deserves your respect. Can you imagine how much crappy comments he gets? I take it personally when someone looks at my work even slightly askance, this bloke has rhino skin. Respect due.

Hell, I'd like to be able to grind Nerubian rep. Those two dungeons are fantastic, challenging, clever and beautiful. Everything you could ask for in content. If they could have made the Nerubians a faction, it would have been brilliant. Maybe now the Lich King is dead(-ish) you can help them reclaim their home etc etc as part of revamped 70 to 80 content. It would be nice to do something that worked vertically instead of horizontally. Like Sunken Temple for complexity.

I worry that you won't step into Outland or Northrend with all the new content in Azeroth. I would really like Blizzard to make these two zones newly relevant in the expansion. I appreciate that if wishes were fishes we'd all eat well tonight (Unless you don't like fish, or can't ingest too much Mercury)

Also, a big thank you to Totalbiscuit of The Cynical Brit for his Blue Plz podcasts. I might take his advice on the ISP he openly rates.

Neeeeed sleeep, and braaaaaaiins

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