Wednesday, 27 October 2010

I love ThinkGeek but customs costs and delivery systems blow

I love and no, they're not paying me. I am awaiting a small order of geekish goodies from the states. Being in Blighty (Britain) I expect this will take some time to arrive, but NO! it crosses the Atlantic in one day and is delivered to my office the next day, where apparently I'm not available (the 20thOffice hours, week day, I'm there) and I've 'refused' to pay the customs. Day two, I'm given a slip from the post room, from UPS. I call them, I pay the customs, super smashing great, next day? NO! On their site I'm tracking the package, I'm not available again and I'm still refusing to pay the charge (The one I paid the day before) I ring up UPS, they apologise (ofc) and say next day, which again turns out the same. I phone them back with that 'I'm so angry I'm now scarily calm' voice (Are the lambs silent now, Clarice?) and they explain they didn't have a reference for my payment (Thankfully I did) so got that sorted and they'd organise it for the next day (Today)

The tracking site says 'Destination Scan' at 5 minutes to 4 this morning. Here's hoping! I will also find out if it was the post room being arses, the loading bay being difficult, or UPS being numpties. All in all, I'll be getting them sent to my sister in Milwaukee next time, she can post them to me and avoid all the shenanigans.

UPDATE: I spoke to the post room, they confirmed they'd sign for anything that comes in, which they have in the past, loading bay simply refer people to the post room, so it's not looking good for UPS at this stage.

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