Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Know where to run

Yes, it's an Orbital tune, but what a blinder it is too. It also seques in nicely to my Archaeology post in the WoW section. Christmas is over, unless you work for Epic Fail and National Disgrace, as they're still running a revised schedule meaning a somewhat Spartan one (without the 300 sausagefest or the activity for that matter) so I'm on my train in after the Chrimbo break. It's dragging it's fat bleeding jacksie along like it's not sure whether hiding or flight is the best way to survive. Anyhoo, Christmas was a blast, my Mum and Dad came back from France, and had some quality time with my son, and the rest of us. It was brilliant. Sort-of Mother-in-law, or SMiL for short, was on good form. All in all, best Christmas yet. Daniel got spoiled rotten, surprise!, but was a pretty good boy.

It's been fairly intense this holiday period, I've been driven to get my Worgen Druid to 60 and the much cheaper flight form. So cheap, in fact, I bought flight master's license and can now fly in Azeroth and Outland. Which is brilliant for Archaeology, I have taken this new profession and am literally running with it. It's been awesome, but so far I've been turning up rubbish. Like all professions this should change as I progress. I'll look it up when I can get to proper Internet. I'm on my iPhone but this might be more to do with T-Mobile's patchy at best 3G coverage of my train route. Believe me, 'patchy at best' is me being generous, and polite. Anyway, back off me soapbox, back to the topic at hand: archaeology. The title is linked to this by the little shovels you see on the map. These shovels and my beloved Carbonite add-on mean I can place a 'Goto' on the site and fly there. I discovered one thing though, the dwarf keystones sell for about 80G on my server, I kept two and auctioned two, so that's another 160G my Druid has for training and gear. Niiiiice! Loving the flight form. To be able to swoop down and skin carcasses without aggroing the local fauna is awesome.

In other news my Frost Mage is now my auction bunny, and has made hundreds of gold buying cheap items and selling them again at more acceptable prices. Throw in the suddenly very valuable leather, stone and ores she sells and you get the idea. These are gathered by Gwyllt, my new Worgen Druid, so everyone's a winner! I did this using tips from Zuggy's Dominate WoW gold and suggest you could do a lot worse than to look at his guides.

Remember - if you came here looking for gold tips, then I have a hand full, but get them 'from the horse's mouth' -See Zuggy's guide to making your own gold. Follow his link on the right to buy his guide-->

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