Sunday, 12 December 2010

Coming up for air

Chores. Meh! I know they need doing, but didn't Blizzard think of this when they released Cataclysm only a handful of weeks before Christmas? Oh well, most gamers will be happily missed by their families, but when you're the Beta male to and Alpha female in the pack, what do you do? The simple answer is you do what she asks of you, of course, it's the group dynamic and it works in all our favours. This is a problem when you're trying to level a Worgen Druid to 85. I hope to have him raid ready for Christmas day, when it's the least likely time I'll get him out to play, of course.

Weather, that great British obsession. When other country's public transport is as vulnerable to minor changes in weather as ours, we'll watch other countries get twitchy about it too. The temperature plummeted and it snowed for a couple of days. The snow has now gone, but it's been fairly hard work not knowing if you'll get to work and again if you'll get home afterwards. It fair puts a dampener on your day. The trains basically went to hell in a hand basket. The roads were terrible, and due to fear of litigation, they don't grit the pavements. (For those across the pond, they grit the road and not the sidewalks) This is because if you slip on a gritted section, the council are liable. So people walked in the roads instead. /facepalm

I wrote a delightful and pithy diatribe on the subject and then the phone rang, wiping my iPhone's blog entry. Witty and pithy became blank, and sarcastic me became seriously narked me.

Wow! I love my Worgen Druid. I went Feral on the name and the role. Gwyllt means wild or feral in Welsh, which is appropriate due to my heritage and him being a druid. Also, decked him out in Heirloom leather from my rogue and the balanced heartseeker and he's good to go. So far, he's 27 and has done the new SFK and DM, he has his first lot of Glyphs, and once he gets to 30 I'll dual spec him as either Feral/Resto or Feral/Balance.

He's been highly enjoyable and playable, apart from one thing - rested. He never seems to show a blue bar apart from the first 10 minutes I use him. Meh! However this does point to the fact I've used him non stop for 4 days - lol

Zuggy's Dominate WoW gold
I've had a good look through the guide, and I must say I'm impressed. He explains simple principles in a clear manner, no patronising, and clearly stated. This is refreshing. Head on over now and pick up a copy. At the time of release, there were still some discounted copies available.

As per usual, you can click on the picture below to go to the brilliant Zuggy's WoW Domiate Gold to get a copy of his great guide.

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