Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Merry New Year!!

It's a line from Trading Places, which has been known to make me laugh, every now and then.

It's been mental, the boy has missed out on his trips to the nursery, so it's been a bunfight in the house, with him gunning his engine all the time. He's even learned to growl like me - aw SO cute, if a little disturbing watching my mini-me 'do a me'.

The Calendar year is over, and here's another one. Hopefully it'll be a more profitable affair than last year. A combination of no pay-rise, no overtime and ever rising taxes and travel expenses, we're slowly getting more broke every month. I have a hand signal to those responsible for all this - let's say it involves curling in my ring finger, little finger and my thumb, but not the others.

The other bane is my train provider. The misleadingly named National Express. There have been engineering works they now call 'Service Improvements' and all this following the Christmas period, a time of year that seems to have a lot of train failures, regardless of the weather. As for these 'improvements' - having used these trains for 10 years I'm still trying to spot the improvements amongst the increasing number of failures, apologies and late returns home and late starts in the office. My boss doesn't have a go at National Express, no, he has a go at me. However if I start my day early enough to make up for the poor service I'd not have a life, and pay them 5 grand for the trouble. All in all, I'm disappointed in a service that gets worse and costs more. I wish there was another viable option.

I've slowed down a bit of late. Tired of seeing the purple bar, so I've been levelling by doing (a) Nessingwary Quests in Nagrand (b) Daily Fishing and Cooking quests in Stormwind and (c) a spot of Archaeology until the bar changes colour, then HS back to SW to get myself rested. I need to start levelling my other toons to give Gwyllt a spot of R&R. I've been avoiding Cata to a greater extent. Although levelling a Worgen is Cata-centric, it avoids the meat and potatoes of the expansion,: Hyjal, Vashj'ir, Twilight Highlands and so forth.

I'm doing Nagrand until Northrend, sod the lore, I want to be running through the snow on all fours. So I will level Mining, Skinning and, of course Gwyllt until I can get on the paddle-steamer out of Stormwind. I might do the fishing and cooking quests in Outland, and may even stretch to getting Scryer rep but we shall see.

Been rocking the AH, using tips from the eminent Zuggy. Give them a go with the link on the right -->

Anyway, happy new year, make the most of it. See you out there.

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