Wednesday, 22 December 2010

I'm sorry

Dear readers, I'm sorry I have been neglecting you. The Christmas thing, Cataclysm dropping and work commitments, fitting in quality blogging has been tricky, line this up with my iPhone blogging app wiping every time I take a phone call, which is the icing on the cake as the train ride to and from work is the only real time I get to think and write. Meh!

Yep, I rolled a Worgen. Those who know me well were not asking if I would roll one or would it be from day one but simply which kind. I went with my one major gap in my line up, bear tank. Or is it fat bottomed dog now? Hmmm... Anyway, Gwyllt (Welsh for feral) is an absolute blast. I level as a cat and instance as a bear. We pugged the newly revamped main gates Stratholme last night, all went smoothly. Got some nice boots and a nice cloak into the bargain and completed all the quests given to me at the front gate. Looking forward to hitting 58 and loading myself up with the crafted sets for casters and rogues as my bear tank is also specced as Resto because Dual spec is 30 not 1K gold.

One day fast flight will be cheap too. One day.....

I did have a quick stab at taking my ickle 'lock to Vash'jir, whilst fun, it will be better once I can use my manatee torpedo of death.

Also, big shout out to bigbearbutt for helping me understand the concept of bear tanking, which would explain why I was such a singular failure at it before doing my research.

Which brings me onto my next point, there is loads of info out there, although thottbot has been shitcanned, more's the pity, the database search tool in Thottbot was intuitive, the wowhead one is not. Wowhead's info is good, but the search tool should be resurrected from the Thottbot site, but with the gloss of the wowhead site. Best of both worlds.

Anyway, keep an eye out in January for another Zuggy blog carnival, and of course, please go and buy his brilliant gold guide ( see link on the right --> )

Have a lovely Christmas or Winter Solstice and I'll see you soon.

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