Thursday, 2 December 2010

Bored with now

As the regular calendar year winds down to massive shopping, organising feeding the fifty thousand (My family, my sister's family and Charlie's family all around one table) and close, I'm wandering what's left to do. With Charlie being pregnant, we're both very much looking forward to May, with my job changing in March I'm looking forward to that, and with the Cataclysm launch I'm looking forward to next Tuesday. This however leaves me in a vacuum. I'm looking forward to, counting down the days to, etc etc. Nothing seems to be happening now. Yes I have the weekend, a Saturday without the boy (Over at his Nan's) and a trip to Taste Of Christmas.

I just really want Cataclysm to come quicker, and I'm nervous that Amazon won't deliver to my building on the 7th due to snow, or a credit card screw up or something.

Really just logging on and tooling around. I rolled a Troll Druid last night, and I must say the experience was....alright. The starter zone was more polished than the old Troll and Orc crater. There is always going to be one issue here though, I'm not Horde. I like their moxy, their logo is superior, they have the most varied members and complex politics. However I'm not feeling it. I'm all about the more stable, and yes a bit duller, Alliance. Largely this is because I like playing Gnomes, Dwarves and Night Elves. Even humans are fun! I don't like the Forsaken, Orcs strike me as two dimensional, Trolls feel like a caricature, and Blood Elves feel like a cheesy slice of Manga. Taurens I do like, I have time for a race with Shammies, Pallies, Druids and Hunters in, and I like their generally less stupidly warlike stance. This could also explain why I dislike Wrynn the Chin. Vengeance blows, it eats away at your soul, and in the case of most of the Horde (Except the Tauren) and the Alliance's current leader, it eats your credibility with me. I'm probably not alone here.

I'm hoping the Human King can start acting more like a real King, warfare follows failed diplomacy, and so you try to avoid failing the diplomacy part. As a boy groomed in statecraft and swordsmanship you would expect the man to not just get angry and get his people killed engaging in foolhardy jingoism to cover for a personal vendetta against Orcs. I notice in the post cataclysm Azeroth there seems to be more visible clashes between the Horde and the Alliance. I know with the change of leadership, there could be a different attitude prevalent in the Horde, or just more of the same one I dislike.

We will soon see. See you next Tuesday

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