Monday, 6 December 2010

Cer Cer cold

Iesu Grist it's cold. I love cold, but when my toecaps are still frozen 20 minutes after I get on the train, then we've cruised past my comfort zone into the 'holy crap' section

What adds insult to injury is that the boiler's not running the heating, again. We have hot water, but no heating.

It's not all doom and gloom, had a brilliant day out with Charlie, boy free, at the 'Taste of Christmas' show on Sunday. We have chocolate wine! It tastes as good as it sounds. There was also a dazzling array of spicy things, many of which I bought. Charlie got to see her 'other man', a man who, thankfully, never heeded warnings about playing with food - Heston Blumenthal. What a nice chap. Not as tall as I imagined, but I want that blue velvet jacket - damn I hate being broke all the time.

On the subject of food - I'm loving the new cooking and fishing dailies, and can't wait for the full gamut of Cataclysm gold. Why can't we involve alchemists in our food quests, then we could capture some of the Blumenthal spirit.

Blizzard, if you're listening, why don't all professions have dailies? Tailoring clothes for the king and prince could be valid Alliance tailoring quests. Making swords for the front line, or parts for a submarine, or fertiliser for Nordrassil could be feasible for blacksmithing, engineering, or alchemy respectively.

I'm going to buy one of Zuggy's gold guide for two very good reasons: firstly, I should be able to recommend what I'm selling; secondly, I could use the help with accruing gold, and it would appear this guy's an expert in this field. I'll feedback more about them once I know. What I do know is 10 alts need a lot of gold-related love.

My huntard is progressing up 71 nicely, looking forward to later on when the choice of dungeons will be better.

Only mere hours to Cataclysm, hoping my collector's box will arrive today.

Have fun, but watch out for ice on the pavements

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