Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Mo' is dead, er, long live the Mo'?

It's the last day of November, and the last day of Movember. For those of you that don't know, Movember is a charity push for funds for Prostate Cancer, which kills one man every hour in the UK. To achieve this, kindly sorts, like yours truly, grow a moustache or 'Mo' from scratch on the 1st of November. In my case this meant shaving my trademark beard off. I haven't been entirely clean shaven for about 8 years. It felt odd. Many reacted to it, mostly negatively. However here I am at a paradox of sorts. Most people will shave theirs off tonight, and gain a sort of closure. I however will be leaving mine in place and simply allowing the rest of my old beard to return. This doesn't really give me closure, but it does remind me to go after the last few sponsors with my 'tache intact. Still, it's a good thing to do for charity, but it's ended on a damp squid.

Are you in the same void I am? Apart from a crazy pet taming push on my hunter, I've not done much. Ah, there wa the total waste of time that was recruiting for Malygos weekly, only to hbe the whole raid fall apart before the first spell was cast. Damn you unreliable tanks!!

Anyway, due to the Mrs working tonight, I'll log on for a bit. So looking forward to Cata now. I'll need to race change my Shammy to dwarf, and maybe RC my Druid to Worgen. I could do the former now, but I'm broke until the 7th. I may have to wait until the 8th as I suspect the Blizzard techies may be snowed under on the 7th - lol

I wish them well

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