Sunday, 5 July 2009

Yet another home for me and mine (Real and otherwise)

Where to start....?

Got the keys to the house, it's great!!! Carpet-washed most of the smell of dogs out, and destroyed the bedroom carpet. Stripped the bedroom walls of the old paper. Slowly starting to look like our home. I even attacked some of the old cracks with filler, and for my showpiece, I fixed the sink myself :) DIYer!!

The Boy slept there today, so he was the first. Curled up in his travel cot and snored aparently. Going back there today for a takeaway, more work, and test the route to the station. The Mrs has a surprise for me, which is slightly scary. Hopefully her friend the builder's been around and the garage conversion will cost half of what he thought.

Just itching to get the garage devided up into my playroom and the Boy's playroom. I'll be putting CAT5 around the house, and a couple of access points, WEP and WPA. It'll rock.

The garden is huge!! The Boy is like a kid in a sweetshop with all the space to run around in.

New guilds - I leave with a couple of chars, move back to 'Old Guild A'. An IRL WoW playing friend has set his own guild 'New Guild B' and I'm keen to jump ship. So I move my one 80 over. My 77 Druid is coming along fast doing the Argent tourney and Shadowvault dailies, so he'll be 80 soon, however he's in 'Raid Guild C'. The guys there are great, but I suspect I will need to be a better raider to keep up with them. Also, once everyone leaves 'Failing Guild D' I'll have a 3 tab guild bank and I can sell as one of my chars is the only one in it. Mercenary, sure, nasty, not sure. I put a lot of effort into that guild and then everyone slowly left, so sod it, let them leave, and I get a nice big bank to stash my gear in. My Rogue is a one man band in 'Bank Guild E'

So basically I'm in 4 guilds. E's a bank, fair enough A's a group I've played with since day 1, but they're not about sub-80s and are a bit cliquey. I do feel a bit guilty about possibly leaving them. B could be very good, the two main players are seasoned raiders, and good guys IRL. C could have potential, but don't know them THAT well, so considering the jump. D is dying fast, it'll be a bank 'guild' soon enough. Got a placeholder char I use once in a while to keep that. Then I can sell Guild E

What to do?

And after all the effort, my frost mage didn't get Lord Ahune's Staff

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