Tuesday, 21 July 2009

National Express and Network Rail make my commute a misery

I hate National Express and Network Rail.

I'm on a train with seats designed for a size zero bolemic, hemmed in by my many, many peers. We've travelled 30 minutes from Liverpool Street and only managed to get as far as the Ilford train yard (That's fairly crap, even by their normal standards)

The ticket goes up every year, and the trains gets more cramped and the lines/signals seem to fail more often, the air con isn't worth having, and there seem to be very few trains that actually go my way during rush hour. It's just getting worse. Funnily enough, my wages aren't going up, inspite of working harder and for longer hours.

I've been around Germany on trains, so I've seen how good trains can be. I wish ours were that good.

When will National Express lose the Franchise? And, assuming the pattern will continue, which group of profiteering buffoons will get it next?

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