Monday, 27 July 2009

At work, but at home

Hey all, going back to work today after having my Arthroscopy (A surgeon cuts two opposing holes in my knee, has a look around, and trims the dodgy cartilage a bit with the hopes of improving the use of the knee)

Work have been kind enough to let me work from home. This means no commute with crutches, which is a good thing considering how awful the commute is without them.

The house still looks like a before and after shot, depending on which room you're in. Some of the house looks lovely and civilised, and some of it.... doesn't. Spoke to our friend, who's a builder, about converting the garage. It's going to cost slightly more than we thought, but what building project doesn't, right?

Dinged 80 yesterday with my Druid. At bloody last. Now I can get all the end game armour and do heroics. It'll be nice to be able to accept invites for runs from my guild. Happy days :)

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