Wednesday, 5 May 2010

While the cat's away, MOLTEN CORE!!!!

No family in the house from Thursday to Sunday. After an initial wave of glum, followed by a sacharine-like high of 'house to myself, music on all hours' for just under a day, settled back into the marginally unsettling revelation that I'm more confortable with my family around me. Yes I played WoW, and I played a lot, but I also got unnerved by the quiet when the music stopped, and the lack of movement about the house, no little face peering around the doorframe to to ask "What oonupto, Daddy?" and no Chalrie about for a cuddle. Soft sod that I am, I was overjoyed when Charlie and Daniel returned.


OMFG - Blackwing Lair, Blackrock Depths, Upper Blackrock Spire, and (The icing on the cake) Molten Core. Just need LBRS to finish of the Mountain Saga (That's not an achievement, just my name for it) and a bunch of randoms, and even Zul'Aman. This was a truly awesome run.

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