Monday, 17 May 2010

Mindless automaton? Moi?

I reckon that whole voodoo zombie thing only can happen when a person has to deal with a toddler and their 'interesting' sleep patterns. I haven't slept properly for days, that being I'm getting most of the hours, just not all together, and at the same time.

If you get the chance go to the Great Notley Country Park, lots of great things to do and very kiddie friendly. Went there Sunday and loved it, Daniel went crazy on the play equipment and Daddy loved the giant lie-down swing (Nearly fell asleep on it, more like)

I have a gnome! No, I didn't forget to put that under WoW. I have an actual garden gnome on a tricycle. And he's riding free and easy around my potato patch. He was a delightful present from my Charlie (The Boss, She who must be obeyed, my darling (not-quite) Wife)

It's just been a terrible and grinding...well, grind to get Benedictxiv (My Shadow/Holy dual spec priest) to 440 Enchanting. I could have avoided the hassle and just spent the dual spec money on mats for enchanting. Then some (person) undercuts all I'm selling on the AH, so I can't make the money even nearly back. Hmmph

I'm 3 pets away from the skunk pet for Myffy and the achievement that goes with it, that'll be good. Dustwallow marsh and the Wetlands on the cards for raptor babies.

Been slowly getting Myffy, Jimaeth and Bene up with their respective dailies. It's time they blew up some pirates and went to Amberpine lodge for a taste of what the enemy look like, and how they squeal when injured. For the Alliance!!

Be good out there, or be quiet about it :D

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