Monday, 10 May 2010

A magical and revoluntionary product at an unbelievable price - Damn right on the last bit

Just been emailed by a friend drooling over the newly available iPad. She sent me the price, and she sent me the link. So I thought I'd check to see if Apple are making fun of British customers.

The US site lists the 32GB with WiFi as $599, and the British site lists £499. According to this morning's figures, says 599USD = 399GBP

What do you get for the extra £100? I bet you know the answer? That's right - Nothing. Before you start thinking Apple-Naysayer, wrong, first computer, Mac Plus, then Classic, Quadra 610, G3 B/W, G4, Mac Mini G4, iBook 13 inch, Mac Mini Intel Dual Core etc etc. I have always loved Apple, but hate companies that make fun of the already stupid British market price to basically profiteer from their loyal fanbase.

Apple, give me a good reason why you think it's justifiable to charge that difference in price? Is it because we British would stand for it? If that is so, you should be ashamed of yourselves. While you're at it, support Flash.

'Nuff said

Fishing - Grrrr! I wish the fishing contest yielded a few more or more likely prizes. Or at least there should be some more fishing enchants or recipes (Like tailors making fishing hats, or smiths making poles, alchemists making lures etc) Basically spent the weekend fishing in WoW, and this could account for my terrible mood today.

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