Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Dailies, dailies. It just seems like every day I'm doing daily quests. LOL. Actually, that's true. THe cooking dailies especially now Myfanawy's up to speed with her cooking skill. Benedictxiv's getting into the Dalaran fishing quests (Although I'll have to check he's done all the Outland ones, want the likkle croc!)

More Dailies, and oddly rewarding too. The garden is proceeding well, work is improving with increased involvement with my peers in the new company. Throw in a packed social schedule including bowling Thursday and dinner at the The Mansion House on Thursday!! w00t! Details to follow. Another daily task I need to pick up, ironing. My shirts have matched my soul of late, clean, but crumpled and a bit shabby (No chic involved, sorry)

Anyhoo, I'll grind exalted with everyone if I put the effort in :) I'll settle for Revered with most people IRL :)

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