Friday, 21 May 2010


I worry about my boy. He's a bright and happy and cheerful and I'm scared he'll end up cynical, vulnerable and lack confidence. I'd rather he had a quiet, dignified confidence borne of ability and wisdom, than be brash, loud and blasé. I assume I'm not alone in this. I also worry because I suspect he may inherit certain traits from me. I hope my lack of confidence is one that he does not get.

On a particularly low day, I was found wanting. It turns out Nubbin is nowhere near geared or specced highly enough for ICC10. With a paltry hit rating of 170, frost spec, some sub-200 armour pieces and MP5 gems and no idea of the tactics, I've slewed wildly around while Lord Marrowgar used me as a football during our first and second meetings. Not auspicious. Guildees were really good about it, which almost makes it worse.

I have since had to grind all my alts to make money and mats to respec, regear, regem, and re-enchant Nubbin. She is effectively reinvented. I look forward to taking her out for a spin soon, once I've made a bunch of Veiled Ametrines for her gem slots. Hit rating stands around 230, so as long as we have a Dranny in the group, I should be OK.

Didn;t realise there were good things available from vendors in WoW. Looks like a rep grind with the Wyrmrest mob will get me some nice new shoes, see the Hodirs for shoulder enchant and get Bene to run a bunch of enchant scrolls.

Feeling much better now, just watched this which I believe should be compulsory viewing for everyone. Now go outside and enjoy the unseasonable seasonable weather.

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