Thursday, 13 January 2011

Multi-toon levelling

Levelling more than one toon can seem a slow process, but you're aiming for breadth not length here. What you should remember is every bar on each toon is like all the bars added to gether on one toon without having to go back and start again. For example. I have taken my Auction toon, Nubbin (Frost mage gnome) and got her to send gold to my alchemist Druid, Drewydd. He has trained up his alchemy and herbalism. I have got gold to my Scribe, Ellyllaidd to train up herbalism and inscription. Drew went to Vashj'ir and sent Elly a bunch of Azshara's veil for ink making. Elly made lots of Fortune cards. She has also made some fresh glyphs for Gwyllt, my Feral Worgen Druid.

Everyone benefits. The Deja Vu effect can be a little off putting though. The next thing to do is get my tailoring affliction Warlock Jimbelle up to speed with the needle and thread again to make bigger bags. Abyssal bag is nice, and now relatively cheap.

The real problem is the "It'll take 5 minutes" now becomes half an hour as you need to do it on 5 toons. Be warned this is very easy to do and annoy loved ones with the new easy fishing and cooking dailies in Stormwind (And I assume Orgrimmar) Avoid multi-tooning these!

ANyway, just a swifty to keep you in the loop. More later.

As usual, link to Zuggy's great guide on the right ---> Go and buy it!!!!

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