Thursday, 13 January 2011

Revenge is sweet (And imaginary)/Official Status and Guild Fun Runs

Work has been hectic of late, less staff and everyone returning from Christmas, their IT problems with them, if they ever went away before - lol. However I work with a great team of guys, so I'm luckier than most. Sleep has eluded me of late, but it'll return. One of my best friends sent me a wedding invite, which got me thinking about my current status with my beloved, betrothed but no legal bound other half. Then I got to thinking about sorting the boy out christening-wise, thanks to a lovely christening amongst my other half's friends, who are just really super nice, and pleasant, and inclusive. I feel a bit guilty I'm wary of them, but that is what you get like if you've been bullied. I'm probably not going to be entirely trusting, but hey, I'm getting better by degrees. I would still like good old fashioned revenge on those arseholes at school, but have resigned my self that I'll only stove their heads solely in my own head. It makes for good viewing, as Eddie Izzard would say, "In my mind"

One place I can take names and kick asses is my other beloved: Azeroth (And the environs thereof) but I'll come back to that in the WoW section below.

Charlie, my other half is pregnant, and as such is slowing down a bit. She's more tired day by day. I wish I'd already made the jump with my contract so se didn't need to work at this terrible phone job she does. SHe's doing it to help us both out, and I really appreciate it, but I hate the company she does it for with a passion. THere seems to me to be too few liceses for their VM server, or they can't manage it properly. Either way, she can't alwys log on, and so doesn't get paid for sitting there waiting for their slow as all hell technical support to do a simple release.

I've discussed at length my love of Essex, National Express and T-Mobile. However, I do love where I live, I just wish it had more facilities and less chavs. As for the other two, I'd like them a whole lot more if I felt I was getting anything remotely like value for money, or at least the servie I expect from them. I mean, I get more 'Network lost' messages than I get emails on 6 accounts. Go figure.

A mixed bag of late. My bestest guild: Civil Society has had a long time member leave due to his love of raiding and potentially a lack of love for WoW. Shame, he's a nice bloke, but the guild marches on. I reckon we could go with a recruitment drive, especially new toons/combinations. Of which, my Gwyllt (Pronounced Gw-ith-d like wist with a G on the front and a lisp on the s making it 'th') is rolling up to 72. I've yet to put him through a Wrath Dungeon, but I hope tonight's Civil Society Fun Run will do so.

Last night's endeavours found me buying an armful of recipes from Feralas and taking advantage of my location to do a batch of archaeology digs while I was there. Mainly as there were so few people on that late (9PM GMT equates to 'Good night everyone' from more than a few of the guildees)

Hopefully tonight will be different....

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