Monday, 22 November 2010

Think you can make it, Pilgrim?

I love to paraphrase the Duke. Are you going for your Pilgrim Achievement? I would recommend this greatly, the quests are easy and reward xp and gold, but the real juicy reward is the cooking boost.

Have you ever tried to level cooking? It's easy apart from a nasty flat spot around 225 to 275 made up of salmon based food and the (several expletives) bear flank based recipes. The holiday allows you to level 0 to 350 without breaking a sweat. This kitchen involves no sweary glaswegians, and you don't to shout Yes, Chef! all the time. Double Cheggers!

Get your hearth stone set to Dalaran or Shattrath (I use the underbelly tavern in the former for load speed which works except for Jewel of the Sewers days, and the latter for peace and quiet) and you can hop back and forth to deliver much needed vittles to the various cities, reaping the rewards and acing our cooking to grand master as you go. Your main focus will be Stormwind. You get turkeys and pumpkins here. Stock up at all three cities. The Exodar you should do last, there is no material there, and it's in for the Pilgrim's Paunch achievement.

As for the Pilgrim's Peril part, I'd suggest a lot of /smile and /wave emotes, it suggests you're friendly. If you get killed, res, and return but do not retaliate. Remember you're in unfriendly territory, don't expect them to be friendly. It will work in your favour eventually. It's a good season, and segues nicely into the Cataclysm update and Winter Veil.

Elementals: go to Stormwind, and nuke the elementals, go to Ironforge and do the same. That should take care of the tripping the rifts achievement. Then go to the LFD tool and go farm iLevel 251 bits, enjoy!

My boy was 3 on Saturday. He's grown up a lot in a very short time. My parents came over from France, so the boy got to see his Ninny and Tiddy, which is lovely, they miss him. His friend's little sister was there, and she's 18 months old, I'd forgotten how small and sweet Daniel was at that age, so I'm looking forward to our next baby. Work progressing as it should. All in all, going nicely.

Have fun out there!

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