Monday, 29 November 2010

Pre-Cataclysm Void and Comedy Legend Dies and Arrrrgh Sunday Trading laws

Comedy legend Leslie Nielsen has died. What a loss! This man has made me laugh until my stomach muscles hurt and tears have run freely down my face. Such classic moments as pushing OJ Simpson down the steps in The Naked Gun; great moments of his trademark deadpan delivery: "Cigarette" "Yes, I know"; "Run him down to the station!", and "Al, you have something between your teeth" and the end credits to Police Squad with Leslie and Co pretending to be in a freeze frame shot with hilarious consequences. I've even had trouble writing this due to having fits of laughter.

Chrimbo Shopping - Had a spot of this at the weekend, and a shower of s**t it was, too. Olly Muirs, local boy and X Factor winner, was in Chelmsford turning on the lights. I've had issue with Chelmsfordites over the years, manly due to going through there everyday on the train to work. The train stops and suddenly the horde charge all remaining seats with gusto. I understand it, but I still don't like being aggressively shoved about the place. Their attitude seems one of belligerence, and I know Chrimbo shopping does this to all of us, but it seems to just make them worse. Throw in the Olly fans getting all over excited, and you have a recipe for a ruck. Add to that my good woman and our bored 3 year old boy and I'm blowing steam out of my ears and looking for exit strategies. The great foot note to this is not the people of Chelmsford, they are what they are, but the Sunday trading laws that mean the only decent exit from the scrum, M&S, was trying to lock it's doors onto a crowd trying to go through them. People pushing from behind and escape routes getting blocked makes for a powder keg. No, I'm not in favour of keeping the outdated Sunday trading laws in place. Yes, I think they should be repealed. It's the 21st century, get over it, Sunday is a day for B&Q and M&S, not CofE. I need to work 7 days sometimes, why can't everyone else man up and grow a pair.

Still pre-cataclysm, everyone seems to be in free fall waiting for Cataclysm proper. We've had the cataclysm itself, now we need the actual expansion to start kicking in. 8 whole days to go! Might go to the launch do in Leicester Square, just for fun, and no, not in costume.

Used the latest patch to go tame a vast menagerie of beasts for my 71 hunter. I especially like the colour changing spiky crab I got from a cave in Swamp of Sorrows. He's called Bowie because he ch-ch-ch-changes. Got Tyrantus, the Devilsaur from Outland, a green and black felboar, the green and Orange Winta's Kitten, Soriid the Devourer, and 'Damaged Hive Controller' complete with icky pulsating brain. Next stop, level and get all the Spirit Beasts once Northrend becomes like Outland (i.e. Empty)

A big shout out to Petopia for all their brilliant hunter pet data.

To sum up, I wish I'd shopped online instead, be a little nicer to people you meet, and enjoy December, it's the last month you'll get this year*

*You know, If you follow the regular calendar, not everyone does.

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